Position Statement from JPOE


Jewish People for the Betterment of Westhampton Beach

(Know as Jewish People Opposed to the Eruv.)

Jewish People for the Betterment of Westhampton Beach believes that in this great country of ours, we have the inalienable right to oppose an eruv, while still adhering to our faith and values. No one person speaks for us. We are Jews who speak for ourselves. Our organization refutes the statement that opposing the eruv makes a person anti-Semitic.

Our Jewish members are proud and observant Jews who belong to Jewish denominations that heartily endorse and follow the official position of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the umbrella body for all reform rabbis in the United States, which has taken an official position rejecting eruvs as a kind of “Legal Fiction” which is consistent with the true spiritual observance of the Sabbath under Jewish law and tradition.

We respect the rights of all Jews, and in fact all people, to worship their god and practice their faiths in their own way. We do not endorse the practice of municipalities to choose one religious group over another.

We are well aware of the Judaic custom and tradition that teaches us to honor and respect all people within our community: each to give and receive the benefits of our society with no one individual or organization set apart from all others. With this in mind and to that end, we do hereby voice our united opposition to the erection of an eruv by any governmental, quasi-governmental or corporate authority in the community of Westhampton Beach and its environs.